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With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer




Muhammad Najeeullah

Founder and CEO, Muhammad Najee-ullah, established Pelican Fly Concepts LLC as an Education-Tech research and development start-up with goals to increase S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math) awareness, and proficiency in young people of all ages across the USA specifically in the disadvantaged and under-served urban communities. 

The company’s hashtags ( #ProFitness #ProSTEAM and #Anti_Evils ) speak to the company's goal of shifting the youth culture with a "No off button" of "Edutainment"via traveling workshops and events in which teams of young participants build robots and drones then control them to compete in the tournaments against the creations of other teams. These educational gaming events will be made available to the community on a regular basis in an effort to compete with popular entertainment culture. 

A visionary and community activist, Mr. Muhammad and his team are developing the FullBlast S.T.E.A.M. physical-digital hybrid gaming platform as high quality informal learning environments with the attraction power to drastically increase STEAM awareness, education, career and entrepreneurship pursuits among young people across ethnic and economic divides.