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With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer



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Ms. Saudah Aziz

A Texas Educator, author, and entrepreneur. Born in Queens New York, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1987 Management Information Systems from Chicago State University. Made a career change in 2003 to education Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. Then received a Master’s of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix in 2011.

The only thing holding people back from being wealthy is a good idea, and the will to make it happen.


The Educational Festival Inc. provides community events for students and their families through a nonprofit organization since 2015.  


To build a venue, The International Discovery Camp that provides a cultural ambiance for students to engage in educational opportunities and programs.


To form a foundation for which future generations of students will continue to value the purpose of education, and uphold a standard of living for themselves, their community, and family. Bringing Families together through indoor/outdoor events promotes the importance of educational experiences outside the classroom.

My Purpose

I believe that everyone has a divine purpose on this Earth therefore, as an educator my duty is to provide a platform for students to up to their potential and prosper.

My Career

 I currently work as a Special Education Teacher and desire to lead, inspire, and teach students outside the classroom through programs and services that provide a strong foundation between personal and academic achievement.

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Second Generation Muslim

Shahidah Salaam is a Wife, Mother, Author and Community Activist striving for moral excellence in the cause for Allah (swt). She is originally from San Diego, CA but now a resident of Kansas City, Mo. She is involved in the Muslim community as well as the interfaith community as she attends Al-Inshirah Islamic Center. She has had the privilege to serve on various boards and was named the Co-Chair of the Annual Table of Faiths luncheon in 2012, a large annual gathering of the who's who of the Interfaith Community in Kansas City, Mo. She has been a philanthropist since a youth raising over $200,000 for a non-profit youth program and earning her the award of Philanthropist of the year in 1998 (along with the Elementary Institute of Science Youth board) in San Diego, CA.

Her work includes spreading the religion of Al-Islam through action. She had the ultimate experience of making the 5th pillar of Al Islam, Hajj, in October 2012. Since completing Hajj, she was inspired to write a book for women called Hajjah Hajjah: A Sister’s guide to completing the Hajj and Umrah, which can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Her plan is to attend Umrah with hajj pros in 2019 to finish her upcoming title, “Pathways to Finding your Purpose: The After effects of Hajj, The Journey begins now”. Her community efforts include being the Co-founder of the Great Scarf Exchange for women. She received the 2012 Young Adult Leadership Award at the Muslim Journal “A time to be Grateful” Conference and has since given back to the conference by helping to coordinate and provide complimentary graphic design services.

As a community activist Shahidah is humbled by the blessings that she has received and is always looking for ways to give back by addressing the needs of the community. In the summer of 2012 she became an advocate for underprivileged children by organizing a Summer Lunch program that they can attend for free at Al-Inshirah Islamic Center, where they offer free lunch and activities. Sponsored by Islamic Relief USA she was able to obtain a grant to offset costs and provide free activities for participants from the inner and outer Islamic community. She is the Coordinator for the annual “Day of Dignity” Community outreach event which offers Inner city residents free supplies, hygiene kits, hot meals, community resources and services and fresh food items to over 700 people from the inner city.  With the help of the UMKC Muslim Student Union and Ar-Razaaq Food Pantry come together to host the annual Back2School Supply giveaway and Qur’bani Drives during the Month of Ramadan. In her spare time Shahidah, loves to provide event planning and graphic design services where she owns her own full service party planning services called Life of the Party KC.

Precious Rasheeda Muhammad

Precious Rasheeda Muhammad, a.k.a. “The History Detective,” is an independent scholar, author, lecturer, and researcher widely recognized for her original research contributions to the study of Islam in America, including her discovery of a forgotten 224- page autobiography of an African of Muslim heritage who served in the American Civil War; her “Presidential Engagement with Muslim Communities” exhibit for the U.S. Department of State; and her “Muslims and the Making of America” special report published by the Muslim Public Affairs Council and widely-distributed to hundreds of policymakers and change-makers in Washington, D.C., including members of Congress and White House officials. Though a lot of Precious’s contributions have been behind the scenes, consulting and advising, her public contributions can be found in academic journals, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, exhibits, award-winning books; on CNN.Com and NPR; at the Smithsonian; and more. One of her current projects includes co-authoring a textbook on the history of Islam in America with a college professor. Precious also brings decades of commitment to interfaith work, including chaplaincy work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a 770-bed hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and significant roles in planning and implementing the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions program held in Melbourne, Australia. Her personal and professional motto is“Building community through History.” For her community-building work, in the academic community and beyond, Coe College awarded Precious an honorary doctorate in 2010. For those contributions and helping change the way that Harvard looks at Islam, as an area of study, Precious earned the special honor of becoming a Harvard Divinity School Bicentennial Peter J. Gomes STB '68 Honoree in 2017. These words of one of her heroes, Imam W.D. Mohammed, is an inspiration for her life’s work: “The highest purpose for human life and existence is community life.” More info on her work can be found here: