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With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer


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Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed

Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed  is a fourth generation Muslim with familial roots in the Nation of Islam, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Catholic Church. She is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and multi-media producer who recognizes the power of art and culture as a means of cultivating communal awareness and connectivity. She has worked with world renowned artist, fine art museums, and educational institutions. Currently Rasheed is a freelance documentary film producer and editor, and she is the Special Projects lead for Sapelo Square, an award-winning blog that produces, documents, and archives the Muslim experience (of those from the African Diaspora) in the U.S. to shed light on its global impact.

Nashid Muhammad

Nashid Muhammad is a 4th grade teacher at Friendship Woodridge International Baccalaureate campus in Washington DC. Nashid completed his undergrad at Georgia State University with a major in Middle Level Education with a concentration of Mathematics and History. From there, he went on to pursue a dual master’s through a program called Urban Teachers. Nashid currently holds a master in Special Education and Elementary Education and is certified in both areas. Mr. Muhammad plans to continue his work in the field of education while also, venturing into becoming an author of children’s novels. Nashid loves to spend time with family, travel, and is heavily vested  with community life and development.

Muhammad Najeeullah

Founder and CEO, Muhammad Najee-ullah, established Pelican Fly Concepts LLC as an Education-Tech research and development start-up with goals to increase S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math) awareness, and proficiency in young people of all ages across the USA specifically in the disadvantaged and under-served urban communities. 

The company’s hashtags ( #ProFitness #ProSTEAM and #Anti_Evils ) speak to the company's goal of shifting the youth culture with a "No off button" of "Edutainment"via traveling workshops and events in which teams of young participants build robots and drones then control them to compete in the tournaments against the creations of other teams. These educational gaming events will be made available to the community on a regular basis in an effort to compete with popular entertainment culture. 

A visionary and community activist, Mr. Muhammad and his team are developing the FullBlast S.T.E.A.M. physical-digital hybrid gaming platform as high quality informal learning environments with the attraction power to drastically increase STEAM awareness, education, career and entrepreneurship pursuits among young people across ethnic and economic divides.

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim is an expert on Africa and violent extremism issues at the U.S. Institue of Peace and a Senior Fellow at the Truman National Security Project and the Center for Global Policy in Washington, DC. Mr. Fraser-Rahim's areas of expertise are on transnational terrorist movements,Islamic intellectual history, Islam in America and contemporary theology in the Muslim world.   In addition, Mr. Fraser-Rahim worked for the United States Government for more than a decade providing strategic advice and executive branch analytical support on countering violent extremism issues to the White House and the National Security Council. Mr. Fraser-Rahim has conducted original research in more than 40 countries on the African continent, and has worked and studied throughout the Middle East. He completed advanced level Arabic language certificates at various higher education institutions in the US and the Middle East, and studied  Quranic exegesis and Islamic spiritual teachings under the tutelage of the late Imam WD Mohammed. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Howard University in African Studies with a focus on Islamic Thought, Spirituality and Modernity. His dissertation is titled Imam W.D. Mohammed (1933-2008): The Making of American Islam and the Emergence of Western Islamic Thought to Counter Violent Extremism where he looks at the intersection of religious pluralism in minority communities in the West and Islamic rev Muslim communities  and holds a master’s degree from Howard University in History, and a bachelor’s degree in History from the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.

Qur’an Shakir

Qur’an Shakir has been certified as a Jegna, master educator, guide and distinguished leader. Having served as an educator for more than 25 years, she has served as principal of the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta, as a teacher at the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta, and as an educational consultant to local public and private school educators. She has several times been named Teacher of the Year, as a STAR teacher for the State of Georgia, and listed in Who’s Who Among American High School Teachers, and Who’s Who Among U.S. Executives. As a called-upon motivational speaker, Sis. Qur’an, affectionately called Madame Q, has presented at colleges, universities, conferences, workshops, masajid, churches, centers, radio and television programs, juvenile delinquent facilities, and served as a chaplain in a local women’s prison where she conducted weekly “Confronting Self” workshops. Her works have been published in several journals and publications, including having her own weekly column “Road to Nikkah” in Muslim Journal. She is founder of several organizations and initiatives, including Powerful Youth in Charge (PYIC), an organization for tweens and teens that teaches them the power of leadership and being their own best advocates; The Taalib-Din Company, which promotes learning Islam through games and competitions; Taqwa Productions Inc., an Islamic media production company; UISA (United Islamic Schools of Atlanta), an organization of Islamic school leaders; UMMA, now called Muslims for Marriage. Sis. Qur’an is an active board member for the National Education Council (NEC) of Sister Clara Mohammed Schools; for the Interfaith Children’s Movement where she is committed to advocating for children and empowering them to advocate, lead and serve; and for the Drug Rebound of DeKalb Juvenile Justice where she advises and supports the juvenile court in efforts to help adolescent participants learn to live drug free and crime-free. A native of Atlanta and second generation Muslim in a family with at least four generations of Muslims, Madame Q is a graduate of Georgia State University and National University and a doctoral candidate with Fielding Graduate University.


Stephen Jamal Leeper

Stephen Jamal Leeper is a writer, educator, and nonprofit consultant. Above all, he is a believer. He believes in the power of words, of story, of dreaming, of activism, of community, of people, of the Creator. Stephen graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in Psychology. In May 2015, he graduated from California College of the Arts with a MFA in Creative Writing. His writing is a creative commentary on race, gender, and religion. It is an interdisciplinary exploration of racial identity and memory through a collaging of poetry, myth, narrative and images. You can learn more about his work here:

Yasmine Ibrahim.png

Yasmine Ibrahim

Yasmine Ibrahim, 14, is an outgoing, Muslim-Somali-American student in the 10th grade at Brookwood high school in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. A new teen host on the AM360 program The Power of Educating Our Own, Yasmine is active at her masjid Madina Institute as a student of Islamic Studies and Arabic. She loves being busy in community development, having participated as a camp counselor for 4-6 year old children at Shorty Howell Park in Gwinnett, Georgia, as a volunteer at the Clarkston Community Center garden, and with feeding the homeless.

Yasmine aspires to be a pediatrician because she has always wanted to deal with the medical field, and help children. Yasmine was one of the 10 students selected to participate in a Civic Leadership & Advocacy Training with Interfaith Community Initiatives. As a participant, she engaged in specific training activities to strengthen leadership abilities and knowledge of basic civics as well as experience an interfaith immersion to different faiths and cultures.